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DC Life Safety is a distributor of all Mircom Fire Detection and Fire Alarm Products including the Open Graphic Navigator

A PC-based graphical command and control workstation that provides centralized life safety systems/mass notification network annunciation, historical logging, report generation, and control of multiple fire alarm networks and devices.

Please visit the Mircom website here to view a full list of services and products. For a full description of the Open Graphic Navigator, visit the Mircom website here.

Mircom: Welcome

Other products include:


Network Fire Alarm Systems

FlexNet Series

Addressable Fire Alarm Systems

FX Series

Conventional Fire Alarm Systems

FA Series


Emergency Communications/ Evacuation Systems

QX Series

Manual Pull Stations

MS Series

Notification Appliances

SPPS Series & More

Mircom: Services

Please contact us for a full list of Mircom products.

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